Happy Days Of Sugar and Spice.  Hi My Name is Sugar, I was born on June 12,2016 and my momma is Cadence and my pops is Travis.  We live on a beautiful farm in the far Northwest Suburbs near Rockford, Illinois.  I was 1 of 7 babies born to a SPICE YOUR LIFE Litter.  That's what my human momma Claudia called us.  I have 5 brothers and 1 sister.......  Most of my brothers and sisters live away from us here on the Farm but momma Claudia gets alot of pictures of them all the time.  She said that she gave me the name of Sugar because I was the Spice of that litter that couldn't have made life with her any more sweeter than the sweetest Sugar on earth, blessed from the heavens above.

There are alot of things to do here on the farm.........and alot of animals.  My favorite thing of all is laying down in the creek with my cousins Gracie and Desiree.  I love to roll in the creek.......  doesn't make momma Claudia happy all the time but she's ok with it too because I get alot of baths that way.  I have been doing great in conformation and obedience.......  But I LOVE .... JUST LOVE jumping over hurdles..  my favorite... wellllllll next to cuddling up on the sofa with my humans........  My human pappa, Joe, tells me everyday how beautiful I am......  and I love to snuggle with hiim tooooooo  when we take Kat-Naps together.

Right now, momma says i am in training and I will finish my Championship and then on to my Grand Championship in a bit.....  Like my Momma Cadee and Pops Travis, I too will carry this CH title.  But my human Momma, said I was born a champion the moment I arrived in her hand on June 12th 2016 and I don't have to prove it to anyone else........  because there is nothing Sweeter than the spice of the life of a Champioin...........  Sugar.

Thanks for stopping by and keep watching me grow.........  and remember.........  the next time you think of Sugar - remember to stop and smell the flowers with a sweet cup of tea........  just to share a moment between / you / and me.!