Hi My Name Is Grace.  My Beardie Momma is Hope and my Poppa is Coby. Both my parents are brown so I too am brown. 

My human momma says I was the 10th puppy born on January 1st, 2016, a glorious and sweet way to start the New Years of  2016.  So the theme of our litter was The “Sweet Litter”.  I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters from the sweet delivery of 10 puppy babes.  And we were all named after candies because there is nothing sweeter than Candy! (Heath, Kitkat, Bit O Honey, Skittles, Almond Joy, Dots, JuJu Bees, Reese, Snickers and Me) .  Since  I  was the last puppy born on the 1st day of the new year, my human  momma said I was born so fast it was like making a wish at the Burst of a  Shooting Star……..  so I was named “Starburst”. 

Soon all my brothers and sisters moved on to their special lives and given other names.  For me, I was given a very special name………..as I  followed in the pawsteps of my momma Hope and my Grandma Faith………..  I was blessed with the special name of “GRACE”.  

My Official AKC Name is:  Travistarz Graced By Sweet Surrender - AKA - "Grace".