Liberty (2001- 2017)

As sadness rocked our country on 9-11, additional tragedy tore my life apart. The day after 9-11, my best friend, my dear sweet mother passed away; and six days after my mother’s passing, my Great Dane, Boston passed on. My losses were immense, and I felt a void in my heart that left me totally empty and numb. However, it wasn’t until 5 months later when the emptiness within my heart began to refill with joy. It was then when we decided to welcome an eight week old, beautiful brown female Bearded Collie puppy into our household and into my life. My father bestowed our Beardie girl with the name of “Loving Liberty”, as a tribute to my mother, my Dane, and all who perished in the 9-11 disaster. Freedom, Peace and “Loving Liberty” now prevails for them all.

Liberty reigns from a long line of Bearded Collie champions. Her champion lineage continues to be exemplified by her overwhelming success in the winners circle. She began her winning career by receiving the “CGC” award (Canine Good Citizen), at the young age of 6 months, and a 3 point major at 9 months of age in the conformation ring. Liberty continues to demonstrate her success in the confirmation ring, nearing completion for the title of “Champion”. In addition to her Conformation wins, Agility and  Therapy Dog titles will soon be added to her list of show ring successes.

One only needs to look into the eyes of a Bearded Collie to know the true meaning behind the saying “the eyes are the windows of the soul”. Liberty and I have bonded so intensely, that she has now filled the once void within my heart with her comfort and love.

Anyone who meets Liberty is deeply touched by her sweetness and loving tender heart. Because of Liberty’s comedic personality and gentle spirit, my life has changed significantly. When I am feeling sad all I need to do is to look into her beautiful brown eyes and I can feel joy, peace and love radiating from deep within her soul. Where there was once sadness in my heart, Liberty has bestowed me with a new found freedom and peace by “Loving Liberty”, my brown Beardie Girl.

Introducing Liberty